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1. What happens if the door lock hangs on the last step during the learn-in process?

Make sure your panel updated. If your cannot update the panel for some reason, during the last step, press home, rename the lock, and enable anti-theft security.

2. What is the difference between traditional locks and smart locks?

Smart lock is a technology-enabled smart home device that allows users to lock and unlock a door by sending secure signals from a mobile application on their smartphone, computer, or tablet. Depending on the model, it allows key less entry using a PIN code and/or fingerprint. Traditional locks requires a key to lock and unlock the door.

3. I am a guest. How do I unlock the door?

If you are a guest, your host would have provided you with one of the following methods of entry:

PIN code

1) The PIN code is a series of numbers that you can key into the smart lock.
2) After keying in your PIN, press the ‘#’ key to unlock (Key icon for Latch Model).
3) Depending on the type of PIN code your host has given you, it may expire.

Bluetooth Unlock

1) Open the Mobile Application and log in.
2) Go to Visits under the Menu, and you will be able to view your Bluetooth Key(s).
3) Tap on the Bluetooth Key icon to unlock.
4) Make sure that you have a strong Bluetooth and internet connection on your phone.

4.What kind of door is suitable for Smart Lock?
Types of wooden doors, fireproof metal doors for apartments. All doors need to be fitted with an automatic closing device The thickness of the door is in the range of 40mm-80mm, the locking plate has a minimum size of 100mm
5.How long does the product last?
The lifetime of the Smart Lock is verified for an average of 10 years, but some recommendations to users should avoid some strong effects such as slamming the door can also damage the motherboard or the battery.

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